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What kind of polyacrylamide is used to treat mining wastewater?

2022-12-10 15:59:30

Now let’s talk about which polyacrylamide is used to treat mining wastewater? Anionic polyacrylamide is used in mining wastewater. Polyacrylamide is an organic polymer flocculant. It is widely used in the field of sewage disposal. I received a call from a dealer who had just entered the industry. In any matching experiment, about 5 tons of cationic polyacrylamide was purchased elsewhere. After going to the field experiment, the results were very unsatisfactory. Our company once again reminds us of the importance of product selection. Don’t buy blindly. Here we quote a sentence we often hear: there is a certain target. The selection of polyacrylamide is also the same, not the molecular weight or the degree of ionization. The higher is the best, and the best is the best! Not to mention the black and white of the product itself. The key to the black and white of polyacrylamide lies in the selection. No matter how good the polyacrylamide product is, the selection is not good, and it is not good. Polyacrylamide is no different than.

The selection of products also touched a series of problems, from the beginning of the factory to extract sewage samples → laboratory small test → factory test, detailed questions, detailed analysis, selection must be based on experiment to determine, each Wastewater has its own unique characteristics. In the experiment, we determined the approximate dosage. In the experiment, we checked the results of the flocculation. In the experiment, we calculated the cost of disposal, and the combined product is the most economical. The detailed theory of “Environmental Protection, Capital Saving” slogan, and the task of manufacturers and distributors is to help customers choose the most suitable and economical products.

If it is in the mining industry, the use of anionic polyacrylamide is to promote mining. The use of polyacrylamide in the field of coal washing is to recover the solids in the water to settle, to clarify the water, at the same time to recover useful solid particles, and to avoid causing pollution to the environment. As the degree of mechanization of coal mining has increased, the proportion of fine coal content has become larger and larger. Some of them have caused a vicious cycle in the washing process. To achieve clean coal washing, it is necessary to accelerate the settlement of fine coal in slime water. Ensure low circulating water concentration.

Polyacrylamide is an efficient organic polymer flocculant. It is often used in combination with inorganic coagulant for slime water treatment in coal washing plants. In coal washing plants, it is mainly used for:

1. Add polyacrylamide flocculant to the slime water deep purification thickener to accelerate the slime settlement and reduce the overflow water concentration.

2. Add polyacrylamide flocculant to the vacuum filter or filter press to improve the filter cake structure, reduce the filter cake moisture, and increase the filtration speed.

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