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Polyacrylamide, essential water treatment agent for building piling shield construction

2022-12-13 17:26:40

In urban pile driving or shield tunnel construction, a large amount of sewage is generated in shield tunneling construction, tunnel segment cleaning, grouting pipe cleaning, mortar bucket cleaning and underground flushing, especially when the water-rich strata encounter gushing, a large amount of highly concentrated mud water will be produced. Sewage contains a large number of kaolin mud particles, cement, etc. Ground application wastewater is mainly mortar mixing, washing. Sewage from vehicles, road flushing, toilet flushing, etc.

According to the long-term experimental summary of Shouxin Environmental Protection of our company, by adding flocculant PAC and polyacrylamide PAM into the water samples taken from underground without pretreatment, the sewage can be completely treated clean after stirring and precipitation, and can meet the reuse standard.

The role of polyacrylamide precipitator in pile shield mud is adsorption, bridging, net trapping and electric neutralization, the role of polyaluminum chloride is to produce strong electric neutralization reaction to colloids in water, adsorption bridging, etc. Some difficult mud even need to add lime calcium oxide for coagulation or dilution treatment.

In building piling shield, it is necessary to choose anionic polyacrylamide or cationic acid according to the characteristics of mud. The mud in different areas should be tested to select the suitable polyacrylamide products for customers to use on site. At present, most of the mud is treated with anionic polyacrylamide. According to the long-term experiment of our company, it is suitable for mud treatment with anionic polyacrylamide hydrolysis degree between 25-40%, molecular weight between 12 million and 18 million, and the mud flocculation treatment effect is better.

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