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High quality of polyacrylamide used for oil drilling and wastewater treatment

2022-12-15 17:02:51


In the late period of petroleum exploration and development, drilling waste liquid is a special industrial waste water produced in the process of drilling operations, containing oil, heavy metal salt, refractory organic matter, sediment, bacteria and other toxic and harmful substances, with complexity, change, dispersion and other characteristics, it is black brown opaque colloid state, with strong pungent smell and putrid smell.

oil drilling sludge

Because the seepage, overflow and submergence of oil drilling wastewater may cause the pollution of groundwater and surface water, it is necessary to conduct certain standard treatment of oil drilling wastewater before discharge.

Secco polyacrylamide is an important synthetic organic polymer flocculant. Compared with traditional inorganic flocculants, polyacrylamide has the advantages of more varieties, higher flocculation efficiency and less sludge generation.

secco waste water treatment

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