Fiber ball filter material

Fiber ball filter material is a spherical filter material made of polyester, polypropylene or acrylic fiber, with good elastic effect, the selection of high aldehyde nylon, shaping polyester silk as raw material, not floating surface, large gap, long working cycle, small head loss and other advantages.  

With its own surface attached to a large number of biological groups and oxygen, sewage repeated contact, so that the suspended matter and organic matter degradation in wastewater to achieve the purpose of treatment, widely used with a variety of water treatment industry, density of 1.38g/cm, origin for Gongyi.  


fiber ball filter material


The fiber ball filter material is made of fiber yarn. It has the advantages of good elasticity compared with the traditional steel particle filter material, no floating surface, large gap, long working period and small head loss. During the filtration process, the gap of the filter layer gradually becomes smaller along the direction of the water flow, which is more consistent with the ideal filter material released from the upper and lower pores, high efficiency, fast filtration speed (20-85m/h), large interception capacity, good filtration effect. Recyclable, backwashing with gas and water, flushing water is 1-2% of filtered water, suitable for filtration of various water quality. The filling height of the fiber ball filter is 120cm, and the fiber ball filter is naturally reduced by about 30cm after entering the water.


Product Name:

Fiber Ball Filter Material



Filtration Speed:


Cut The Dirt Abilty:


Ball Diameter:


Filling Density:

75-85 kg/g3





Ball Appearance:

White oblong-ellliptic


Product Feature

(1) Filter Balls to be super easy to manage, and it improved circulation and filtration, with lower filter pressure and higher flow rate.
l 100x lighter than sand filter media
l Just 700g of Filter Balls replaces 25KG of sand.
l Eliminate hauling and disposal of hundreds of pounds of sand.
(2) Filter Balls are recyclable, are can make my other equipment last longer (from running less), which in turn is going to save energy. save us a few summer electric bill.
l More complete backwashing for longer filter cycles
l Lower system pressure than sand
l Higher flow rates than sand
l Removes particles down to 10 micronsMore complete backwashing
l for longer filter cycles


fiber ball filter material

Filter Balls Raw material is 100% polyester fiber Made in China, are fully recyclable,Filter Balls are a fully back-washable and recyclable filter media designed to replace filter material like silica sand and other multi-medias. Made from recycled proprietary thermal plastic fibers media. Filter Ball are appropriate for use in pools and spas, residential sediment filtration for potable waters, portable water and irrigation systems as well as commercial industrial water and waste-water filtration applications where suspended solids, oils and greases need to be removed.

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