The coating agent is white particles or powder. The coating agent is a high molecular polymer formed by copolymerization of derivatives of different functional groups,which is a high molecular water-soluble polymer. The polymer has hydrophilic groups such as anions,which makes it resistant to temperature and salt while inhibiting the hydration of shale .Soluble in water. It is a good coating agent for drilling fluid. It can change the rheological parameters of drilling fluid,increase the shear dilution ability,reduce the filtration,and coat drilling cuttings. It is mainly used for dispersing polymer water-based drilling fluid in low solid part.
Product characteristics of coating agent:
1.This product can be directly added to various water-based drilling fluid systems as coating inhibitor. It can be used in combination with a vaiety of driiling fluid treatment agents.The coating agent 141 is stirred and evenly sprinkled into the dissolution tank to avoid the use effect caused by the formation of micelles that are not easy to dissolve due to excessive addition at one time.
2. Introduce the dissolved aqueous solution into the drilling fluid circulation system,and the dosage is generally 0.2-0.5%. 3. The soluble aqueous solution cannot be strirred and placed for a long time.


coating agent

Product Feature

1.Improve the rheological properties of Drilling Fluid, with good carrying capability, get the best experience cleaning results.
2.For shale has a strong inhibitory effect.
3.Good thermal stability, resistance to temperature can reach 160 ℃.
4.Calcium salt has an excellent ability.
5.Can effectively prevent the pollution of reservoirs and increase oil and gas production.
6.For fresh water, sea water, saturated brine and other water-based Drilling Fluid.
7.Compatibility with other treatment agents is good.


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