Secco PFS
Secco PFS

Polyferric sulfate

Polyferric sulfate is a kind of inorganic polymer coagulant with superior performance. It is a light yellow amorphous powdery solid and easily soluble in water. 10% (mass) aqueous solution is red-brown transparent solution and hygroscopic.  Polyferric sulfate is widely used in drinking water, industrial water, all kinds of industrial waste water, municipal sewage, sludge dewatering purification treatment.  

PAFC is corrosive, dosing device needs to be embalmed, operators should be equipped with labor protection facilities.During transportation and storage should pay attention to waterproof, moistureproof, prevent damaged packaging, and toxic substances mixed store communist movement is prohibited.


Polymeric ferric sulfate, alum flowers dense, excellent performance of sedimentation speed, 5-30 minutes settlement completely.Water quality is good, even 10 times no excess iron ions in the water phase transfer, won't make water is yellow.Its performance is stable, still can be stored for a long time after dissolving, the sedimentation, metamorphism, more not blocking pipe, more significant decolorization, deodorization and dewatering, oil, in addition to bacteria, go out to the water of heavy metal ions, radioactive substances and carcinogens and other effects which have a very strong ability to remove COD, BOD.Suitable water PH range, 4-11 on pollution, including algae, low temperature and low water purification has a unique efficacy, pipe corrosion of equipment.

Secco pfs


Product Name:

Polyferric Sulphate

Other Name:


English Abbreviation:

Yellow Powder


Easily soluble in water

Ferric Sulfate Content:


Ferric Sulfate Content:

Drinking Water Industrial Water Various Industrial Wastewater Urban Sewage

Secco polymeric ferric sulfate use method

1. Black liquid for papermaking can be directly used in stock solution, and other waste water can be diluted according to the need. It is recommended to be prepared into a concentration of not less than 10%.
2. The best dosage should be determined according to the experiment.
3. Less than 10% of the liquid medicine to be prepared on the same day, the day used up, not retained.
4. Use clean water to prepare liquid medicine. When using reclaimed water, a small amount of precipitation is a normal phenomenon.


Product Features

1. It has a good removal effect on algae, iron ions, chroma, odor and organic matter in raw water.
2. Relatively less drug consumption, high effluent rate, low treatment cost (per ton of water treatment cost is 30%-60% of
traditional aluminum salt), good economic benefits.
3. The COD removal rate of the treated water after the use of the product is 5%-15% higher than that of the traditional product.
4. The product has no adverse harm to human health and will not cause secondary pollution to water body after use.

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Polymeric ferric sulfate is widely used in drinking water, industrial water, all kinds of industrial wastewater and urban sewage and sludge dewatering purification treatment.

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