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What can high purity polyacrylamide be used for?

2023-02-09 17:50:35

High purity polyacrylamide is a process of bridging suspended particles and particles by large molecular chains in polymer, which can make different chain segments of polymer molecules adsorbed on different particles, thus accelerating particle condensation.

1, curing agent: liquid drugs, this method is to inject liquid into the condensate, in a short time to quickly make the raw water condensation, the formation of alum flower, at this time need to produce more fuzzy, stronger turbulence. When conducting beaker tests, it is recommended to stir quickly (250-300 rpm) for 10-30 seconds, generally no more than 2 minutes. This is a good time.

2, flocculant: is the growth and coarsening process of alum, need to have appropriate turbulence and sufficient residence time (10-15 minutes). In the later stage, the bauxite can be observed to sink slowly and form a transparent layer on the surface. To do the experiment, stir at 150 rpm for 6 minutes, then at 60 rpm for 4 minutes until suspended. Look at this reaction. If you do not pay attention to the effect, please adjust in time.

3, precipitation: for domestic sewage and wastewater treatment, the product in the compatible or alkaline medium positive charge, the use of sewage suspended particles of negative charge, sewage precipitation. This process is called flocculent precipitation and requires a slow flow. For greater efficiency, a tilted tube-and-plate (sheet) sedimentation tank (sheet separated from float) is usually used. Many poorly made aluminum flowers will be blocked by the inclined wall of the tube (plate) and settle to the bottom of the tank. The surface water is clean water, and other small and dense alum flowers continue to collide, forming large clumps, until the remaining turbidity degree is basically unchanged.


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