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The viscosity and activity of high purity polyacrylamide depend on temperature

2023-02-11 15:26:07

The viscosity and activity of high purity polyacrylamide are temperature dependent, so dosage and application effectiveness are also affected by seasonal temperatures. The dosage of high purity polyacrylamide varies in different seasons. Due to the temperature in winter, the viscosity of polyacrylamide is very small and the activity is relatively small, so more investment is needed to achieve the same purification effect as before, while summer is not required. But there is more rain in summer, so it is necessary to pay attention to the change of sewage quality and discharge, so that the flocculation effect and economic benefits.

High purity polyacrylamide as clear water agent, the application method of polyacrylamide is to dissolve polyacrylamide in clear water, and then mix for about 1 hour, completely dissolve polyacrylamide. Then, dissolved polyacrylamide is added to the purified water. If polyacrylamide is used in printing and dyeing and pharmaceutical industries, the method of application of polyacrylamide is different from that of purification agent.

Screening tests for high purity polyacrylamide flocculants are often necessary. After the suitable polyacrylamide flocculant is selected in the laboratory, it should be tested on the sludge dewatering unit. Different sludge dewatering equipment put forward different requirements on the condensation of polyacrylamide during operation. Therefore, field engineers should timely check and adjust the variety, concentration, addition amount, input point and other output of flocculants according to the conditions of dehydration equipment.

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