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Secco polyacrylamide introduction

2024-05-15 19:11:34

Secco polyacrylamide is referred to as PAM,It is a water-soluble polymer,It is characterized by high molecular weight,stability and water absorption,It can be used as flocculant and precipitant,Used to remove suspended solids and colloidal substances from water,Effectively improve water quality Reduce water pollution,According to ionic characteristics can be divided into anion,cation and non-ion,According to the form can be divided into solid powder and emulsion two kinds!

Secco polyacrylamide plays an important role in sludge dewatering,It can improve the filtration performance of sludge,Promotes rapid removal of water,Secco polyacrylamide can also enhance the ability of sludge agglomeration,The sludge can be better aggregated in the dewatering process,Secco polyacrylamide can be used for water filtration and separation!

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