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High purity polyacrylamide will choose to affect the water quality of the effluent effect

2023-05-25 14:29:52


High purity polyacrylamide manufacturers recommend polyaluminum chloride, complex alkali, ferrous sulfate, polyacrylamide and other suitable for leather wastewater treatment of drugs, so that the water quality to meet the discharge standards. Due to the addition of raw materials, leather wastewater will produce a variety of organic compounds. We know that organic matter is difficult to remove through biochemical treatment. Ozone method and gao grade oxidation method are commonly used in leather wastewater treatment. Therefore, the application of acid and base in leather industry accounts for a large proportion. After a series of process treatment, water quality back end again coagulation precipitation is the key.

When it comes to coagulation sedimentation, the selection of polyacrylamide directly affects the effluent quality when flocculating leather wastewater. Anionic polyacrylamide is used for leather wastewater flocculation. The molecular weight and addition amount of polyacrylamide used for different leather are different. The chemical reagents used for pretreatment and back-end treatment are also different. In the selection of polyacrylamide, can be determined by a small test method to determine the content of the product and dosage into the sewage tank to add, determine the selection of high purity polyacrylamide suitable for the treatment of this industry wastewater.


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