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Distinguish the adulteration of high purity polyacrylamide

2023-05-24 14:28:03


Now on the market sales of high purity polyacrylamide manufacturers and dealers too much, which leads to customers in the identification of true or false polyacrylamide problems, how to identify whether polyacrylamide mixed with excipients what are the methods?

1. Pre-mixing method: This is the method used by manufacturers. For this adulteration method, it is difficult not to detect specific indicators, and it is difficult to distinguish between conventional indicators detection, which requires rich experience, and ordinary users cannot distinguish. The molecular weight detection of high purity polyacrylamide is viscosity method, that is, after measuring the number of characteristic viscosity, it is put into the calculation formula, in order to obtain the average molecular weight of viscosity. In fact, no matter how the molecular weight size, the production of polyacrylamide forgive and production cost difference is not big (polymer product unit mass, regardless of molecular weight size, consumption of monomer is the same), that is, regardless of molecular weight size, the cost difference is not big, but the sale price of polyacrylamide on the market is determined according to molecular weight. In this way, it was initially a directly produced polymer volume product, sold as a low to medium molecular weight product by adding a large number of fillers. In this way, the cost is greatly reduced and the actual amount of polymer used is insufficient.

2, after mixing method: this is a lot of dealers use the method, that is, a large number of inorganic salt, general industrial salt, through mixing equipment (or artificial) in accordance with a certain proportion of mixed into the purchase of high purity polyacrylamide products, (the index principle is the same as above), can be mixed according to the use of the requirements of the corresponding proportion, write different numbers and product specifications.

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