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High purity polyacrylamide intake too much will encounter problems

2023-06-08 18:44:19

In order to achieve results as soon as possible, many people often add high-purity polyacrylamide to sewage. They believe that the more you add, the faster the effect will be. However, if you add too much, it can cause some problems. Let’s go into detail. What happens if you add too much?

1. If it reaches saturation, the water will become thick. At this time, the flocculant will not only gather in the water to precipitate, but also easily clog equipment such as filters and pipes.

2, when the solid high purity polyacrylamide is mixed with tap water, the dissolution rate should not exceed 0.2%. When the addition amount is too large or too small, the flocculation effect is not obvious. Due to different turbidity, various water quality also has certain requirements for product models.

3, regardless of the molecular weight of high purity polyacrylamide, when the flocculation effect of water treatment is better, do not arbitrarily increase the concentration and dose of the solution. As a result, it can not only have a negative effect, but also make the flocculant less fluid, and even turn into a gel in severe cases.

If the high purity polyacrylamide is excessive, not only the water treatment effect is poor, resulting in drug waste, serious may lead to secondary pollution, resulting in sewage treatment is not clean, easy to have some residual problems, for some serious sewage, what we need to do is not to add excess, but to reasonably control the dose.


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