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Can polyacrylamide be used in power plant wastewater?

2023-06-07 17:53:30


Polyacrylamide has good flocculation performance. The purchased polyacrylamide needs to be dissolved and diluted proportionally, and the diluted chemical solution is added to the wastewater to be treated so that the suspended matter can be electrically neutralized and bridged. After flocculation, adsorption, flocculation reaction and rapid flotation occur, which is conducive to further treatment and purification.

Polyacrylamide in power plants is mainly used for water treatment. Power plants use a lot of water. Raw water treatment, slag water, ash water and flue gas desulfurization wastewater often need to add flocculants in the flocculation, precipitation and purification process, requiring polyacrylamide products. Power plant sewage pollution is generally very light, unlike the high concentration of sewage we often treat.

It is worth noting that the circulating cooling water of the power plant is very large. At present, some power plants use the water from the deep purification of municipal sewage as circulating water. The addition of polyacrylamide as a flocculant is mainly used for the flocculation and precipitation of suspended matter in raw water to achieve clarification and purification. A large number of power plant wastewater treatment experience shows that the use of polyacrylamide products can achieve ideal treatment results.

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