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Synthesis method of high purity polyacrylamide

2023-06-06 18:34:23


High purity polyacrylamide as a water treatment agent and chemical additive, more and more attention, so how is high purity polyacrylamide produced?

Due to its many production methods, the following are some common synthesis methods:

One is aqueous solution polymerization: The preparation of high-purity polyacrylamide aqueous solution polymerization is a common synthesis method. This method has little risk and relatively large economic benefits, and can be accepted by most people. Through further study of the method, such as the selection of initiator system, the pH of reaction medium, the selection and dosage of additives, the solvent and polymerization temperature, the water absorption performance of aqueous polymerization reaction products can be affected.

Secondly, to emulsion polymerization method: high purity polyacrylamide reverse emulsion polymerization system includes water-soluble polyacrylamide monomer, water-soluble Yin, cationic functional monomer, initiator, emulsifier, water phase, continuous phase and additives. The choice of emulsifier is very important and may directly affect the performance of the product. The high purity polyacrylamide prepared by this method has the characteristics of high molecular weight, fast dissolution, slow degradation and good stability. The properties of high purity polyacrylamide emulsions include rheological behavior, shear, electrolyte and freezing stability, electrophoretic phenomena, etc. If the emulsion is made into colloidal particles, its chemical properties can continue to be maintained, but the physical properties will be greatly affected.


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