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Correct dissolution method of polyacrylamide

2024-05-05 17:27:10

Many customers who have just come into contact with or just used polyacrylamide have similar problems, how to dissolve polyacrylamide correctly? What is the dissolution ratio? In response to these problems, we as a polyacrylamide manufacturer give you the correct dissolution method, I hope to help you!

secco polyacrylamide

There are three common types of polyacrylamide: Yin, Yang, non-ionic polyacrylamide, in the dissolution must be used without acid and alkali water, generally use tap water is appropriate, according to the proportion of PAM added to dissolve irrigation generally stirring time for 1 hour, winter or cold weather areas should be dissolved stirring time extended to 1.5 hours until PAM completely melted into an aqueous solution.


The correct dissolution method of cationic polyacrylamide: the concentration should be configured as 0.1%-0.3% when the ionic degree is 20%-40%, and the concentration should be configured as 0.2%-0.5% when the ionic degree is 50%-60%.

The correct solution of anionic polyacrylamide: when the molecular weight is 18-25 million, the concentration should be 0.1%-0.2%, when the molecular weight is 12-15 million, the concentration should be 0.1%-0.3%, and the solution concentration should be 0.2%-0.6% for the molecular weight between 5 million and 8 million.

Non-ionic polyacrylamide correct dissolution method for its temperature should be controlled between 0.3% and 0.5%, non-ionic PAM because the production process and anion is different, acrylamide and water copolymerization, molecular weight of 5 million to 13 million between, so the specific dissolution ratio needs to be configured according to its molecular weight. (Can be configured according to the molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide)

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