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Polyacrylamide for paint wastewater treatment

2024-04-19 17:31:30

The composition of water purification agent is mainly polymer surfactants, etc., the appearance is white translucent liquid, which can “catch” the overspray paint into the circulating water, and the paint mist is naked and penetrates and destroys the functional genes in the paint through chemical action, so that it completely eliminates the viscosity.

secco pam

Polyacrylamide is mainly composed of polymer cationic polymer, surfactant, etc., the appearance is colorless – light yellow viscous liquid, according to the “bridging” principle, the polymer adsorbed on the surface of the paint fog particles and adsorbed on the surface of another paint fog particles, and the aggregation is A The paint mist particles can form large spongy flocculent that can float easily, which is easy to salvage and keep the water quality clean. The typical raw material of agent B is cationic polyacrylamide, according to the different water quality of the paint, some use non-ionic polyacrylamide, but also useful to anionic components, the vast majority of the use of cationic flocculants.


The main function of the agent is to adjust the pH of circulating water, and generally control the pH value of circulating water to 7.5-8.5. Use less. Sodium hydroxide is generally used as a pH regulator.

1. Before using the product, it must be fully dissolved so that its chain is fully extended, usually the dilution concentration is about 0.1%, and the dissolution operation should be carried out in containers such as plastic, ceramic or concrete.

When dissolved, be sure not to mix with colloids or PAC, PFC, otherwise the efficacy will be lost.

2. In the process of stirring dissolution, stirring can not be too much or too intense, after dissolution can not be placed for a long time, generally not more than 48 hours, PAM solution try not to contact iron objects for a long time. The ambient temperature should not exceed 60℃.

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