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What is the role of polyacrylamide in the textile industry

2024-02-26 17:54:33

anionic polyacrylamide

What is the role of polyacrylamide in the textile industry?

1, polyacrylamide in the textile process has the role of textile sizing, uniform dyeing, textile additives and improve the stability effect, generally used is anionic polyacrylamide products. Textile sizing: it can improve the smoothness, fineness and softness of the fabric; Improve the stability effect: greatly reduce the yarn breaking rate; Textile additives: have a flame retardant effect, can prevent the generation of static electricity.

2, the role of polyacrylamide in textile wastewater is usually the physicochemical process and biochemical process we mentioned. Physical and chemical process: anionic or non-ionic polyacrylamide is generally selected; Biochemical process: non-ionic or cationic polyacrylamide is generally selected. Of course, there are some effects, which we will not mention here. The development of the textile industry, to be healthy and stable development, must rely on technology, start from the technology, from the direction of advanced science and environmental protection, so as to make better textile supplies. In terms of such a huge number in China, we need to popularize more industrial technology.

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