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What Is Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)?What Is K12 needle?

2023-01-04 17:42:01

K12 needles is most commonly known as sodium lauryl sulfate,Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a surfactant, which basically means it has an effect on the surfaces it touches. It’s used in a variety of products such as food thickeners, toothpaste, and floor cleaners. 

All the soaps and cleaning products that you use are a mix of water and oil. But they don’t mix together on their own.

Instead, surfactants bring them together. Soap’s cleaning power comes from the bonded oil and water molecules rubbing against dirt and grease.

That is why so many products have surfactants in them. They blend the ingredients that make cleaning happen.‌

Sodium lauryl sulfate is very easy and inexpensive to make, and it works well in many situations. You’ll see it listed as an ingredient in common products found in the home and in the workplace.

K12 Needle

A polular use of SLS is as a 1. Surface-active agent 2. Detergent in personal care products

K12 Needle Application


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