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Precautions for using polyacrylamide in winter

2023-01-05 15:50:50

Polyacrylamide is an important water-soluble polymer, and has flocculation, thickening, shear resistance, resistance, dispersion and other valuable properties.


The following Xiaobian will introduce the preparation of polyacrylamide solution at low temperature.

1. When the temperature is low, the dissolution time of polyacrylamide may be slow, and some adjustments can be made in time. Usually the dissolution time is about 40 minutes. It has been used. At low temperature, it is recommended to extend the dissolution time (no less than 60 minutes is preferable) to completely dissolve it.

2. Raise the water temperature by 20 to 30 degrees Celsius if conditions permit. Accelerated dissolution. However, the temperature should be lower than 50 degrees, and higher than 50 degrees polyacrylamide will degrade and cause its viscosity to decline, affecting the actual use effect.

3. The mixing speed can be properly accelerated. Although it can speed up the dissolution rate, but also make the viscosity of the aqueous solution is low, mainly in the rapid agitation caused by the mechanical damage of the molecular weight of polyacrylamide is more serious, considering the practical application of stirring speed is generally 200 RPM. Increase sludge and reagent mixing time.

4. At low temperature, the charge matching degree of flocculant is higher, and the dosage will be larger at low temperature (the solution is to increase the mixing time of sludge and agent).

The above is the winter use of polyacrylamide precautions, if you want to know more information please pay attention to this website.

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