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Too much high purity polyacrylamide can cause dish soap to feel extra slimy

2023-04-06 15:30:39

secco polyacrylamide

High purity polyacrylamide is a water-soluble polymer in water treatment industry, which can settle the sludge in sewage, which is determined by the chain structure of polyacrylamide dissolved in water. Therefore, noisy strong viscous polyacrylamide is usually used as a variety of detergent, car wash and detergent additives, but also can play a certain role in water retention. In the water treatment industry, the proportion of polyacrylamide is generally between 0.1 and 0.5%, depending on the water quality. When used as a detergent additive, the conventional ratio of polypropylene is 1-1.5%, three times higher than for water treatment. Detergent with polypropylene additive feels smooth, dissolves more directly and is more beautiful; Decontamination effect is better.

But because the amount of addition has a great influence on the product effect, too much input will lead to the detergent wire-drawing is too strong, ugly appearance; Too much of the high purity polyacrylamide in dish soap can cause the dish soap to feel particularly slippery and not easy to wash off. And later added inorganic salt will make it cloudy, affect the appearance. Excessive polypropylene in dish soap can also cause a degradation reaction in dish soap, giving it a stench that ordinary spices cannot hide.

To sum up, the role of high purity polyacrylamide in the detergent industry has good and bad, good or bad is defined by the control of the amount of polypropylene addition is reasonable and accurate.

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