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The use effect of polyacrylamide is not ideal, insoluble and other problems

2023-04-13 13:40:55


Many users buy solid polyacrylamide PAM products, often appear the use effect is not ideal, insoluble and other problems.

1. Powder products can not be directly put into sewage. Before use, it must be fully dissolved in tap water, and its aqueous solution should be used in sewage treatment.

2. The dissolved water should be clean (tap water), not sewage. It can be served at room temperature and generally does not require heat. But when the water temperature is below 5℃, the dissolution is slow. If the dissolution temperature is above 60℃, the degradation of polymer will be accelerated, and its use effect will be affected. And strong purified water, strong alkali, high brine are not suitable for preparation.

3. Selection of polymer solution concentration, 0.1-0.3% is recommended.

4. When dissolving, solid polyacrylamide should be slowly added to the rotating water in the medicine cabinet, can not be added, so as not to dissolve sufficiently, affect the dissolution rate or block the pipeline.

5. The solution needs to be used for a long time, which will degrade and affect the use effect. When the solution concentration is 0.1%, the non-anionic polymer solution should be stored for no more than one week, and the cationic polymer should be stored for no more than one day.

6. The stability of a solution depends on its concentration.

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