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The results show that the molecular weight of polyacrylamide is closely related to its viscosity

2023-04-11 11:40:03

anionic polyacrylamide

Polyacrylamide is called Baiye additives, because its viscosity is large many industries need, its viscosity and molecular weight is a certain relationship, but what the specific relationship, which factors will affect these relationships are not very understood by many people. Normally, the higher the molecular weight of polyacrylamide, the greater its viscosity, this is because polyacrylamide macromolecules are thin and long chains, the resistance to movement in solution is very large. The essence of viscosity is to reflect the size of the friction force in the solution, also known as the internal friction coefficient. The viscosity of the solution of all kinds of polymer organic matter is high and increases with the increase of molecular weight.

After our polyacrylamide supply company Henan Secco years of research has proved that the flocculation performance of polyacrylamide and its solution viscosity has a direct relationship, the higher the viscosity of polyacrylamide, the better the performance, that is to say, the higher the molecular weight of the polyacrylamide product performance; If its viscosity is reduced by some factors, its flocculation performance will inevitably decline. However, the viscosity of the polyacrylamide solution is affected by many other factors, such as temperature, humidity, stirring speed during dissolution, and the length of time the polyacrylamide is stored after dissolution.

Solid granular or dry powder type polyacrylamide products need to be weighed before use to add the amount, and then need to use the mixing tank after adding water to dissolve in order to use. We know that polyacrylamide products are divided into many kinds of series, generally commonly used Yin, Yang, non three types of ion products, then the dissolution rate of different ion polyacrylamide is different? These three products have their own specifications and technical parameters. There are also great differences in application and use.

For example, anionic products can be diluted in any proportion to prepare water solution, 18 million molecular weight products generally take about 50 minutes to dissolve. Not only can be used in the field of water treatment, but also can be used as an adhesive, thickener and other industrial products in the preparation process, can improve and reduce the proportion of preparation to obtain different viscosity characteristics, because of the low cost, very popular.

And cationic polyacrylamide products are mainly used in the field of sludge dehydration, in the amount of less than anionic products, but the price is higher in the polyacrylamide series of products, its preparation process requirements are also very strict, the domestic company really master its supply technology. The dissolution time varies with the ionic degree and molecular weight, generally less than 60 minutes.

And non-ionic polyacrylamide in the dissolution time will have a little difference, because of the supply company supply process skilled degree and different, generally will need about an hour, and some companies of the finished products may need more than an hour to dissolve time. The ideal stirring speed for dissolution is 200 to 400 revolutions per minute. If the speed is too fast, it will directly destroy the molecular chain of non-ionic products. This series of products usually requires about 1-2 hours of stirring to fully dissolve the powder, at which point the resulting water solution can achieve its full performance.


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