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The function and precautions of polyacrylamide pam in paper industry production

2023-01-10 14:43:03

paper making wastewater

Pam polyacrylamide is currently mainly used in oil mining, water treatment, mineral products screening and paper, textile and other four industries, the application range of these four industries is very wide, the following to introduce the role of polyacrylamide in paper industry production and use precautions.

Pam polyacrylamide is a kind of paper auxiliaries commonly used in paper industry. Different types of pam and pam have different uses. pam large molecular weight of polyacrylamide is generally used to do flocculant, smaller molecular weight dispersant as dispersant, polyacrylamide can be used as a paper enhancer and other purposes. pam in the papermaking process can slow down the flocculation settlement of the fiber in the papermaking process, so that the paper fiber can be evenly distributed in the water, so as to improve the mesh pulp uniformity, ensure the quality of paper production.


The charge ions contained in pam can enhance the adsorption of filler particles on the slurry fiber, so as to improve the retention rate of the filler, accelerate the water filtration, reduce the content of the filler in white water, improve the smoothness and opacity of the paper. It should be pointed out that in some places alone with polyacrylamide will not achieve the desired effect, at this time should be added according to the actual situation of other additives, such as aluminum sulfate, so that it has a better papermaking effect.

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