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Polyacrylamide for paint wastewater treatment

2022-12-22 17:08:49

Paint wastewater mainly comes from the process wastewater discharged from the production process, equipment and production site cleaning wastewater, as well as spray paint wastewater. The main pollutants in paint wastewater come from organic gases in paint, which mainly contain organic solvents such as toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate and acetone. These substances are toxic to living organisms. If they are directly discharged into natural waters, they will do great harm to living organisms and human beings in this area.

paint wastewater

For paint wastewater treatment, the traditional method is to direct coagulation treatment of mixed wastewater, the treatment effect is not ideal, the effluent quality is unstable, difficult to discharge standards.

Paint wastewater can be purified by polyacrylamide.

paint wastewater

Polyacrylamide can make the suspended matter in the paint wastewater through the electric neutralization, bridging adsorption, flocculation. Polyacrylamide is a linear polymer, easily soluble in water, almost insoluble in benzene, ethylbenzene, esters, acetone and other general organic solvents. Its aqueous solution is almost transparent viscous liquid, belongs to non-dangerous goods, non-toxic, non-corrosive, solid pam has moisture absorption, moisture absorption increases with the increase of ionic degree, pam thermal stability is good.

Before the use of polyacrylamide, must be fully dissolved, so that its chain is fully extended, usually dilute concentration of about 0.1%, the dissolution operation to be carried out in plastic, ceramic or concrete containers.

When dissolving must not be mixed with colloidal class or PAC, PFC, otherwise the efficacy will be lost.

In the process of stirring dissolution, stirring can not be too much or too intense, after dissolution can not be placed for a long time, generally not more than 48 hours, PAM solution try not to contact iron objects for a long time. The ambient temperature of the foam should not exceed 60℃.

paint wastewater

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