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Application of polyacrylamide in ceramic wastewater treatment

2022-12-24 15:20:48

Ceramic wastewater is mainly from the process wastewater and equipment cleaning wastewater, ceramic wastewater discharge, suspended matter content is high, more harmful substances, if not effective control and treatment, will produce considerable environmental threats to the water environment.

Ceramic wastewater, polyacrylamide can be used as flocculating precipitator and sludge dehydrating agent.

For the characteristics of ceramic wastewater, ceramic clay colloidal particles with negative charge, relatively stable performance, we usually add inorganic flocculant (inorganic salts) or organic flocculant (polyacrylamide, polyaluminum chloride) and other colloidal particles of negative charge. Because anionic polyacrylamide and polyaluminum chloride and some inorganic flocculants with positive charge, can neutralize the negative charge of colloidal particles, destroy the stability of colloidal particles, particles collide with each other, contact, form a small alum, smaller alum collision combined into a larger flocculent precipitation, so that the wastewater suspended matter and water separation. The sedimentation is concentrated, filtered and dehydrated to achieve the separation of mud and water. The separated water can be returned to production and reused, which not only avoids environmental pollution, but also reduces the water consumption of enterprises and production costs to some extent.

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