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It usually takes 40-90 minutes for cationic polyacrylamide to dissolve in water

2023-02-18 10:15:43


Why does cationic polyacrylamide degrade? Polyacrylamide is easy to degrade in the natural environment, mainly because the molecular chain of cationic polyacrylamide is exposed to the air, the chain oxidation reaction occurs, resulting in the molecular chain break of polyacrylamide polymer. Will lead to the use of polyacrylamide original function and effect. The degradation of polyacrylamide is divided into two kinds, one is hydrolysis reaction, the other is oxidation reaction. Cationic polyacrylamide hydrolysis will cause the amide group in the molecular structure to become hydroxyl, but this process generally does not cause a great change in the effect. And the oxidation reaction of polyacrylamide will make the molecular weight of polyacrylamide fracture, reduce the molecular weight of polyacrylamide, REDOX and other impurities. Therefore, slight degradation of cationic polyacrylamide does not affect the use, but in general, serious degradation will not only lose the original effect, but also cause other adverse reactions in the use process.

Solid cationic polyacrylamide usually takes 40-90 minutes to dissolve in water. The higher the molecular weight, the higher the solubility and the longer the dissolution time. The aqueous solution of cationic polyacrylamide can be preserved for about 24 hours at room temperature, and will lose its effect due to degradation for a long time. And the temperature of polyacrylamide generally can not exceed 45 degrees Celsius, will also cause premature degradation. Polyacrylamide. Generally above 80℃, polyacrylamide will degrade rapidly, so polyacrylamide needs to be kept at low temperature.

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