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Improving the use of polyacrylamide in winter

2024-01-10 17:10:20

What are the ways to improve the use of polyacrylamide in winter?

polyacrylamide pam

1, the temperature is reduced, affecting the dissolution rate of PAM and the extension of molecular chains. At room temperature, it takes about 45 minutes for PAM dry powder to dissolve, and the summer temperature is high, the dissolution rate will be correspondingly accelerated, and the dissolution time will be shortened. Winter temperature is low, the dissolution rate is slow, the dissolution time will increase, it is recommended that when using PAM in winter, under the same concentration, increase the dissolution time of PAM, so that the PAM dry powder can be completely dissolved, so that the molecular chain can be fully extended.

2, use relatively high temperature water to dissolve PAM dry powder, it is recommended to use groundwater to dissolve. Because the temperature of groundwater is relatively high in winter, the dissolution rate can be increased when dissolving PAM, which can make the polyacrylamide dissolve more completely.

3, in the case of low temperature in winter, the activity of suspended particles of wastewater is relatively reduced, which has a certain impact on the adsorption capacity of PAM, in this case, you can extend the reaction distance of PAM and wastewater, increase the reaction time, which can also make the full reaction between PAM and wastewater, play a better effect.

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