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How is polyacrylamide dissolved and used

2023-05-19 18:30:16


PAM polyacrylamide is an organic polymer compound, insoluble in most organic solutions, water is a better solution medium for solid particle powder of polyacrylamide, ordinary tap water can be used to dissolve polyacrylamide. The concentration of the solution is related to factors such as temperature and pressure. The greater the value, the greater the viscosity of the solution. It is recommended that the PH value of dissolved water should be controlled at 7-8 hardness water, groundwater, reuse water, dissolved inorganic substances or metal ions too much water is easy to reduce the performance of the product. This article will introduce the correct dissolution method of polyacrylamide in detail.

1, polyacrylamide before dissolution requires some preparation, such as beaker, stirrer or stirring rod and weighing instrument.

2. Use a beaker or container to take a quantity of clean water, turn on the magnetic stirring, and add the measured polyacrylamide powder into the container with clean water. The polyacrylamide is dissolved by stirring thoroughly so that the powder is dispersed as evenly as possible in the water. Therefore, should choose a large volume, can be stirred container, so as to avoid caking, clumping and other phenomena.

3, due to the large molecular weight of polyacrylamide, powder is not easy to dissolve in water, the need for a certain amount of time and conditions, generally in 30-60 minutes. To make polyacrylamide quickly dissolve, can be properly heated, but the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, so as not to cause degradation.

4. The particles can be used after being completely dissolved in water. The stability of polyacrylamide solution is poor, and it is easy to degrade and decompose, thus affecting the experimental results. Therefore, in the preparation of solution should try to avoid excessive waste, timely use.

Generally, the PH of dissolved solvent is neutral, which has no effect on the effect of polyacrylamide solution. Anionic and nonionic polyacrylamide is usually dissolved in a solvent with a concentration of 0.1%, while cationic polyacrylamide is dissolved in a solvent with a concentration of 0.2%. It is also possible to start dissolving at a slightly higher concentration and then dilute the flocculant mixture immediately before use. The polyacrylamide solution is configured for a very short shelf life.

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