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High purity polyacrylamide can be used for sand washing wastewater treatment

2023-05-20 09:11:36


The mud comes from construction piles, sand yards, tunnel caves, mine tailings and so on. High purity polyacrylamide is used for sand washing wastewater treatment, which can effectively reduce the oxygen content of wastewater and recover part of wastewater. The treated water can meet the discharge standard.

The waste water of sand washing plant refers to the waste water produced in the process of sand washing. The main pollutant of these wastewater is suspended matter, suspended matter content is also very large, the concentration is also very large.

If the wastewater has not been purified by high purity polyacrylamide. According to the annual output of 80,000 tons. The waste water contains about 8,000 tons of suspended matter. If production wastewater is not treated in time and effectively, it will not only waste a lot of water resources to pollute the water quality, but also affect the normal production and life of nearby residents. The treatment of sand washing wastewater is actually the separation of mud water, and the water obtained after separation is recycled. We commonly use anions to separate mud by flocculating sedimentation. Mud is characterized primarily by its composition, which is related to local geological conditions. General mud appearance is earth yellow, uniform viscosity, long-term static, no layer PH value: 6~7.


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