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High purity polyacrylamide product quality

2023-03-21 15:45:46


Production of high purity polyacrylamide raw materials are mainly acrylonitrile, acrylic acid, cationic monomer DAC, initiator and so on. In the production process, due to the influence of some factors, the product is prone to errors, so the stability of high purity polyacrylamide in the production process is difficult to control, poor stability will affect the use of products. Therefore, if there is a link to supervise and test these products circulating on the market, it can basically guarantee the stability of quality, but at present, as the end customer, few have this ability. High purity polyacrylamide can be produced and transported by professional technical engineers and advanced testing equipment to ensure the stability of products. Only the stable quality of polyacrylamide can ensure the stable operation of sewage sludge treatment.


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