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High purity polyacrylamide is a sludge regulator

2023-04-26 14:36:29


High purity polyacrylamide is a particularly effective product and is commonly used in sludge treatment. What is the notice of high purity polyacrylamide as sludge regulator in the process of regulation? Since high organic matter content can lead to high water content of mud cake, this is mainly due to the high bound water content of the sludge itself, so we should know what to pay attention to in sludge regulation.

1. Adjust the quality of high-purity polyacrylamide to the sludge, combined with the electric flocculation capacity and neutralization capacity, sludge properties on the flocculant dependence degree is different, generally speaking, high organic content, flocculant cation (charge value) requirements increase, therefore, choose different specifications and models, find the sludge suitable for the sludge site.

2. The properties of pre-dehydrated sludge depend on the properties of sewage and the level of water treatment technology and management. If the organic content of the sludge is too high, it indicates some problem with the water treatment process or management.

3. The separation of water treatment and sludge dehydration is now considered in many places. The preceding water treatment will directly affect what kind of sludge the sludge will get, as well as the effectiveness of sludge treatment and the control of operating costs.

4. Many on-site sludge treatments have poor results or high operating costs, mainly depending on the control of the overall water treatment technology. It is important to know that the proportion of sludge dewatering in the overall operating cost is still very high. Proper adjustment process can completely reduce the operating cost of sludge dewatering and obtain better treatment effect.

Each user chooses high purity polyacrylamide modulation to save cost and improve use efficiency.


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