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The use of high purity polyacrylamide is related to the season

2023-05-15 11:15:12


High purity polyacrylamide is widely used in papermaking, sand washing, food, municipal, mining, oil production, metallurgy, building materials, pharmaceutical, alcohol, sewage treatment and other industries. Sometimes use increases. What’s the reason?

As the seasons change, the use of high purity polyacrylamide is adjusted. If the same water is treated, the amount of winter is more than that of summer, because the water temperature in winter is relatively low, the reaction speed is relatively slow, resulting in more winter, summer water temperature reaction speed is fast, so the amount is small. Good dissolution can give full play to flocculation. Sometimes it is necessary to increase the dissolution rate and thus increase the concentration.

The arrival of summer leads to a rise in water temperature, very suitable for the growth of microorganisms in the water, the enhancement of its fertility also has a certain impact on the water quality, resulting in the need to adjust the amount of high purity polyacrylamide, serious need to re-select the product model.

The water in which the granular polymers are dissolved should be clean, not sewage. Normal temperature water can be, generally do not need to be heated. The water temperature below 5℃ dissolves very slowly. The dissolution rate increases with the increase of water temperature, but above 40℃ will accelerate the degradation of polymer and affect the use effect.

Treatment of domestic sewage also need to pay attention to the change of sewage water source, because the coming of summer irrigation water will increase, and summer rain more, will also affect the amount of use.

When we treat sewage, we should pay attention to the source of water and the amount of water with the change of season and weather, which is of great benefit to our work. Use high purity polyacrylamide, do not follow the dead routine, master the new situation, so as to better use.

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