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The role and use of polyacrylamide thickener and viscosifier

2023-08-29 17:24:57

With the continuous progress of science and technology, polyacrylamide is used as a thickener in construction glue and other industries, anionic polyacrylamide viscosity fine powder, instant polyacrylamide has fast dissolution speed and high viscosity effect;
In terms of thickening effect, many customers value the viscosity of anionic polyacrylamide. The higher the relative molecular weight of polyacrylamide, the greater the solution viscosity of polyacrylamide, this is because polyacrylamide macromolecules are fine and long chains, and the resistance to activity in solution is great. The essence of viscosity is the data reflecting the friction force in the solution, also known as the internal friction coefficient.
The thickening principle of polyacrylamide is that the hydrophobic main chain and the surrounding water molecules are associated by hydrogen bonds, which increases the fluid volume of the polymer itself and reduces the space for free movement of particles, thus improving the viscosity of the system. The viscosity can also be improved through the winding of molecular chains, showing that there is high viscosity at static and low shear, and low viscosity at high shear. This is because at static or low shear rate, the cellulose molecular chain is in a disordered state, which makes the system show high viscosity. However, at high shear velocity, the molecules are arranged in an orderly manner parallel to the flow direction, which is easy to slide each other, so the viscosity of the system decreases. The cellulose thickener thickens the aqueous phase, and the thickening effect is not affected by the binder, pigment and auxiliary agent. The molecular chains are long, branched, and partially curly. In the rest of the cases, the molecular chain is in an ideal ordered state (high viscosity). As the shear rate increases, the separation is gradually parallel to the direction of flow, which makes it easier to slide between one molecule and another, i.e., low viscosity, thus, this cellulose thickener exhibits pseudoplasticity and structural viscosity. The obvious pseudoplastic flow properties can be obtained by high molecular weight cellulose ether.
Polyacrylamide used in thickening agent is only one of its many effects, polyacrylamide can also be used in oil mining, water treatment, textile, paper, mineral processing, medicine, agriculture and other industries, polyacrylamide is “all industry additives” said. At present, the largest domestic consumption is in the field of oil production, and the fastest growing consumption is in the field of water treatment and paper making. Because there are many types of polyacrylamide on the market, the specific customer uses which type of polyacrylamide, it is necessary to determine the final model according to the pilot selection. Therefore, in the polyacrylamide industry, the more product models the company has, the more advantages in selection, relatively speaking, it will be more able to choose the right model. In addition to the importance of selection, the quality stability of polyacrylamide is also very important. Due to the influence of some factors in the production process (such as personnel operation, product formulation, process flow, quality of raw materials, etc.), it is difficult to control the quality of polyacrylamide every time is stable, but manufacturers for cost considerations, these products will also flow into the market. Secco can ensure the stability of polyacrylamide products through strict double supervision and testing by professional R & D team and advanced testing equipment. Only the better the stability of polyacrylamide, the more stable the effect will be when used.

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