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The ionic degree of cationic polyacrylamide must meet the standard

2023-11-30 18:55:09

How to reduce the water content in mud dehydration, we must first choose cationic polyacrylamide agent, and first do beaker test. You know, now many people do beaker tests have problems, the test method and judgment standards are not very reasonable. My principle is that the beaker test should be investigated in combination with field equipment conditions and equipment operating conditions. The conventional beaker test can only be used for reference and preliminary judgment, and should be verified in the actual operation of the field.


The nature of the sludge also determines the low water content of the mud cake. If the combined water content of the sludge is relatively high, no agent and equipment can continue to reduce. This so-called combined water is determined by the comprehensive nature of the sludge. The nature of sludge depends on the influent water quality, treatment technology, operation management and other factors. The nature of the sludge will be affected by these factors, but the appearance is difficult to observe, and the nature of the sludge is difficult to long-term stability. Therefore, sludge dehydration will have different degrees of change. It is necessary to observe, analyze, experiment, track and adjust, and adjust the operation in time to meet the treatment effect and how to reduce the water content in sludge dehydration.

For this reason, the main problem is usually to work on the medicine. The main key to the use of the corresponding sludge dehydrator is that the ionic degree must meet the standard when selecting cationic polyacrylamide. Take, for example, the practical problem we encountered the other day at a domestic sewage treatment plant. This company uses a centrifugal dehydrator, but according to the requirements of the manufacturer, the moisture content must be about 78% to 80%, and the press filter sludge is used as fertilizer. In this case, the ionic degree of cationic polyacrylamide should be 50%.


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