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Selection is very important for the function and efficacy of ionic polyacrylamide

2023-03-25 10:29:50


What is the ionic degree of cationic polyacrylamide?

Ionic degree is simply the amount of charge carried by polyacrylamide, according to the level of charge is divided into low ionic degree, medium ionic degree and high ionic degree. The role of cationic polyacrylamide is to use the charge on its molecules as opposed to the charge on the sludge particles to neutralize the positive and negative charges and make it unstable. Many fine sludge particles are adsorbed and tangled together by the long chain action of the polymer to form larger particles. The former serves to compress the double electric layer, while the latter serves to adsorb and bridge. Although the ionic degree has a great impact on the use of cations, but the specific ionic degree of the product to be used depends on the nature of sewage or sludge, different circumstances have different choices, to determine according to the selection experiment. Therefore, for the role and efficacy of cationic polyacrylamide, selection is very important, can not simply think that the lower the ionic degree is better or the higher the better.


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