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Role of cationic polyacrylamide

2023-06-14 11:39:29


Cationic polyacrylamide is a linear polymer compound, because it has a variety of active groups, can be associated with many substances, adsorption to form hydrogen bonds. Mainly for flocculating negatively charged colloid, with turbidity removal, decolorization, adsorption, bonding and other functions, suitable for printing and dyeing, paper, food, alcohol, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, especially suitable for municipal sewage treatment plant sludge treatment, paper sludge and other industrial sludge dewatering treatment.

Cationic polyacrylamide usually has some indicators, such as the molecular weight of cationic polyacrylamide, solid content, ionic degree and dissolution time. Although the country has a national standard for cationic polyacrylamide, some of the indicators we usually refer to are actually their respective corporate standards. Each family’s standard is different, and the error is relatively large. For cations, one of the indicators we usually talk about is the ionic degree. What does the ionic degree of cationic polyacrylamide represent? In short, the ionic degree is the number of charges carried by the polyacrylamide, which is divided into low ionic degree, medium ionic degree and high ionic degree according to the charge height.

The role of cationic polyacrylamide is to use the charge on its molecules to neutralize the positive and negative charges and make it stable. The long chain of the polymer is used to adsorb and tangle many small sludge particles to form larger particles. The former function is to compress the double layer, and the latter function is to adsorb the bridge. Although the ionic degree has a great impact on the use of the cation effect, but the specific needs of the ionic degree products according to the nature of sewage or sludge, different circumstances have different choices, according to the selection experiment, so the role and effect of polyacrylamide is very important, can not simply think that the lower the ionic degree the better or the higher the better. Depending on the results of the beaker experiment selection, the more models you choose, the more appropriate the model you choose. Therefore, in the polyacrylamide industry, the more product models, the greater the company’s advantage in terms of choice.

Similarly, the price per ton of polyacrylamide is not very good. The raw materials for the production of cationic polyacrylamide include acrylamide, cationic monomer DAC, initiator and so on. The raw materials enter the dosing kettle through the pipeline, add the corresponding additives and mix evenly, cool to 0-5℃, send the material to the polymerization kettle to remove nitrogen and oxygen, the oxygen content is about 1%, add the initiator to polymerization, after polymerization, the rubber block is chopped, and sent to the granulator through the conveyor for granulation, the granulated rubber pellets are sent to the drying bed for drying, and the dried material is sent to the crushing and screening system for crushing. The broken material enters the packaging system for packaging and forms the finished product. In the production process, due to the influence of some factors, it is easy to appear product errors, so the stability of the polyacrylamide production process is difficult to control, and poor stability will affect the use of the product.


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