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Polyacrylamide for the treatment of papermaking wastewater

2022-12-27 14:29:07

The main sources of papermaking wastewater are waste water in the material preparation section, the cooking section, the pulping section, the bleaching wastewater and the waste water produced in the waste paper recycling process.

Papermaking wastewater will cause serious pollution to the water environment, resulting in the death of fish and shrimp, but also to the soil, groundwater pollution, harm human health.

paper making wastewater

Papermaking wastewater treatment with polyacrylamide cationic polyacrylamide generally selected, as papermaking wastewater flocculation precipitation or sludge dehydration, for polyacrylamide ion degree is not very high general 20-30 can be used in the process of papermaking sewage sludge to use polyacrylamide product selection, usually biochemical treatment of papermaking wastewater used cationic polyacrylamide, and matter Chemical anionic polyacrylamide, for special requirements to use emulsion polyacrylamide, in the actual operation to carry out the selection of agents, in the paper waste water treatment process of polyacrylamide and PAC chloride often used together, to help save costs and reduce the waste of resources in the actual operation.


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