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Polyacrylamide can be used as sludge conditioner

2023-12-21 16:14:03

A lot of sludge needs to add flocculant to the desilter to press out mud cake or mud block with very low water content.

There are many kinds of polyacrylamide, which can be divided into two kinds according to the degree of polymerization: low degree of polymerization (molecular weight of about 1000 ~ tens of thousands) and high degree of polymerization (molecular weight of about hundreds of thousands ~ millions); According to ionic type, it can be divided into cationic polyacrylamide, anionic polyacrylamide, non-ionic polyacrylamide, zwitterionic polyacrylamide and so on.


The advantages of organic sludge conditioner polyacrylamide over inorganic sludge conditioner are:

1, the amount of organic conditioner is less, generally 0.1% to 0.5% of the dry solid weight of the sludge.

2, no corrosive.

The organic conditioners used for sludge conditioning are mainly flocculant products of polyacrylamide series with high polymerization degree, mainly cationic polyacrylamide, anionic polyacrylamide and non-ionic polyacrylamide. Among them, cationic polyacrylamide can neutralize the negative charge on the surface of the sludge particles and produce a bridging effect between the particles, showing a strong cohesion, and the conditioning effect is obvious, but the cost is high. In order to reduce the cost, a cheaper anionic polyacrylamide-lime combination method can be used to adsorb the negatively charged flocculant and the sludge particles together by using the positively charged Ca(OH)2 floc to form a composite condensation system.

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