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Order of addition of high purity polyacrylamide and other flocculant mixtures

2023-02-14 10:44:10

High purity polyacrylamide (PAM) is a kind of polymer flocculant for water treatment, can treat sewage of various industries, known as the assistant of all industries. However, sometimes PAM alone does not achieve the desired treatment effect, and needs to be used in combination with other flocculants. So how to add when mixing with other flocculants?

High purity polyacrylamide is mixed with other flocculants in the following order:

Because the reaction time of polyaluminum chloride is very short, it needs to be strongly stirred after adding. High purity polyacrylamide action time is long, should pay attention to the first mix after dilute – first concentrated is mixed, then liquid polyacrylamide, dilute is to avoid damaging floc! High purity polyacrylamide is flocculant, polyaluminum chloride is coagulant. Generally speaking, coagulant is first cast, followed by high purity polyacrylamide. However, to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you determine the order of addition by experimental results! Dosing point, dosage, dosing time and stirring intensity need to be determined by experiment. Remember never to add both at the same time, otherwise it will affect the effect and increase the cost of use.

High purity polyacrylamide flocculant molecules with positive gene (-CONH2) can adsorb and bridge suspended particles dispersed in solution. The specific amount depends on the sewage quality. Economic benefits: Using this product can reduce the cost of raw materials by 5-12% and save energy consumption by 20-30%.


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