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Leather wastewater can be treated with anionic polyacrylamide

2023-06-03 11:43:30


At present, tannery is a very important part of society, tannery industrial wastewater also has a certain pollution to the environment, and anionic polyacrylamide, just solve this problem. Leather products are closely related to our life. Such as clothes, shoes, hats, handbags, leather sofas, car cushions and so on are mostly leather products, leather products are easy to handle, long use time, but the production process of leather products is very complex.

I have been to the tannery production site before, but I still remember the pungent smell and strong chroma of the wastewater. Leather products themselves carry odor, production and processing need to add a variety of chemical additives, make odor more complex. Leather industry produced wastewater alkaline, high pollutant concentration, high chroma. Waste water contains more toxic substances and sulfide, which is one of the difficult industrial waste water to be treated. So you need to use anionic polyacrylamide to chemically treat these industrial effluents, which have been purified

Leather wastewater can be treated by physical and biological treatment to treat the water quality. In the process of water treatment, pretreatment mainly adopts coarse and fine grating to remove impurities insoluble in water or insoluble in water. Anionic polyacrylamide manufacturers recommend the use of coagulation precipitation method to remove ammonia nitrogen, suspended solids, COD, BOD and other partial pollutants. To create conditions for subsequent biochemical treatment.


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