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How much is the dissolution time of polyacrylamide flocculant?

2023-05-06 09:08:43

secco polyacrylamide

High purity polyacrylamide as a technical flocculant, its dissolution time is a very big problem, the dissolution time control is not good, immediately harm the efficacy, light response is not che bottom, more serious related machinery and equipment is blocked, then the dissolution time of polyacrylamide flocculant is how much good? How do you manipulate the dissolution time? Because polyacrylamide derivatives are more, the dissolution time is not the same, the conventional anionic polyacrylamide about 30-60 minutes, cationic polyacrylamide about 60-80 minutes to completely dissolve the powder condition. Non-ionic polyacrylamide generally takes 80-120 minutes.

The specific dissolution time should be determined according to the actual situation. In addition, there are many factors other than ion concentration that affect the dissolution time of high purity polyacrylamide. Generally speaking, before purchasing the product, first make a good selection, then test on the machine, choose a more appropriate product model and dosage, and then guide the user according to the user’s on-site sewage and molecular weight of the polyacrylamide flocculant. The main dissolution time affecting polyacrylamide flocculant:

1, high purity polyacrylamide solid content

That is, the proportion of total polyacrylamide content, if the sewage solution is too much, but put too much polyacrylamide solution, then there will be surplus, immediately harm the effect of all the normal play.

2. Sewage type

In order to treat the characteristics and forms of sewage, we should understand the characteristics, properties, solubility, turbidity or clarification of sewage. For example, highly turbid sewage requires a large amount of high purity polyacrylamide solution to dissolve the turbid particles and allow them to precipitate. In short, we can only apply the right drug if we know all the relevant information about the target.


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