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How many polyacrylamide dissolution ratio is appropriate?

2023-03-04 10:26:45


Polyacrylamide in use should be configured into a solution in accordance with a certain proportion. So, how many polyacrylamide dissolution ratio is appropriate?

Polyacrylamide flocculation effect is good, can treat different nature of sewage, but before the use of polyacrylamide need to dissolve into solution, so should according to how many proportion of dissolution? Polyacrylamide to dissolve, the first thing to be sure is that the dissolved water is tap water, clean water and not sewage. So the dissolution ratio of polyacrylamide is not specific, and we usually say that the dissolution ratio of 1/1000, starting from 1/1000 sample. That is to say, in the use of polyacrylamide, we need to carry out sample selection, so that is to say, the dosage is generally between one thousand to three thousand, in this proportion of dissolution, the effect is very good.

Polyacrylamide solution ratio concentration is generally between 0.01%-0.05%, the dissolution time is not less than 60 minutes, autumn and winter season time should be extended, the solution must be dissolved transparent no block, in use to achieve the use effect. Why is the ratio of polyacrylamide solution concentration between 0.01% and 0.05%? Because, more impurities in sewage size, concentration size and other factors to adjust its solution ratio, such as sewage suspended substance concentration is low can use 0.05% of the polyacrylamide solution, in sewage concentration is low use ratio of too large concentration of PAM products, easy to appear water viscosity, flocculation does not precipitate a series of reactions. If there are too many impurities in the sewage, it is recommended to choose the polyacrylamide solution ratio concentration of 0.01%, and observe the floc changes in the sewage during the dosing process. Polyacrylamide (AM) is a water-soluble linear polymer caused by the polymerization of acrylamide (AM) monomer by free radicals, with good flocculation, can reduce the friction resistance between the liquid, under the appropriate low concentration, polyacrylamide solution can be regarded as a network structure, the mechanical entanglement between chains and hydrogen bond together to form a network node; At higher concentrations, PAM solutions appear gel-like because they contain many chain-to-chain contacts.

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