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How do pharmaceutical factories treat sewage with polyacrylamide?

2022-12-28 15:42:37

There are many kinds of drugs, and the production process is also very different. Pharmaceutical wastewater discharge is generally divided into four categories according to the production process: biological pharmaceutical wastewater, chemical pharmaceutical wastewater, Chinese patent medicine wastewater and pharmaceutical preparation wastewater.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the wastewater discharge of pharmaceutical plants has the characteristics of large amount of water, complex wastewater treatment process, and high concentration of pollutants in the wastewater. Its sewage discharge contains a large number of toxic and harmful substances, such as bacteria and viruses, sewage has more biological inhibitors, but also contains some difficult to degrade organic matter, listed in the difficult treatment of waste water.


In all sewage, pharmaceutical factory sewage is relatively more difficult to treat than other sewage, pharmaceutical factory sewage organic matter is more, the water quality is messy. Poor biodegradability and other characteristics. How do pharmaceutical companies use polyacrylamide to treat sewage?

The coagulation method can be treated as long as the coagulation method, the skill is the current choice of a water treatment method at home and abroad it is widely used in pharmaceutical wastewater pretreatment and post-treatment process, such as aluminum sulfate and polyferric sulfate used in traditional Chinese medicine wastewater, etc. The key of efficient coagulant treatment is to select and add good coagulant properly.

The residual antibiotics and high concentration of organic matter in the wastewater of pharmaceutical plants make it difficult for traditional biological treatment to reach the expected treatment effect. Because of the strong inhibition effect of residual antibiotics on microorganisms, aerobic bacteria poisoning is difficult to form aerobic treatment. However, anaerobic treatment of high concentration of organic matter is difficult to meet the effluent standard, so further treatment is needed. In the treatment of sewage in pharmaceutical factories, the indispensable drug is polyacrylamide, polyacrylamide used in pharmaceutical are cationic models.

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