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High purity polyacrylamide market development status is relatively simple

2023-05-09 17:59:14


High purity polyacrylamide is a water-soluble polymer used widely in the world. It is mainly used in pulp and paper making, water treatment, oil and gas exploitation and other three fields.

In recent years, high purity polyacrylamide production capacity and output rapid growth, industrial scale significantly increased, the overall technical level of polyacrylamide enterprises has improved, the use of polyacrylamide oil production technology is relatively mature, related products import replacement, low-end polyacrylamide products have been built and mass production.

At present, the development status of high purity polyacrylamide market is relatively simple, due to the policy, market demand changes, technology and other multiple factors. The polyacrylamide industry is in a stage of rapid development, low-end polyacrylamide products are basically built in China, supply shortage, fierce market competition, so the gao end of the domestic supply of polyacrylamide products is also lack.

The types and proportions of high purity polyacrylamide monomers, polymer ionic properties and molecular weight determine the diversity of polyacrylamide. Because the structural unit contains amide group, easy to produce hydrogen bonds, has good water solubility and very high chemical activity, easy to obtain branch chain or network structure through branching or polymerization, polyacrylamide has specific physical and chemical properties (such as adsorption, high viscosity, crosslinking), With thickening, concentration, adhesion, flocculation, gel, flow control, high water absorption, enhancement, film and other applications. As a result, polyacrylamide is known as one hundred industrial additives.

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