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High purity polyacrylamide is mainly used in the following aspects!

2023-06-17 11:23:50


High purity polyacrylamide is mainly used in the following aspects!

1: Sludge treatment: sludge dewatering generally uses cationic polyacrylamide, which can be regarded as a mud-coated water substance with a water content of more than 95% (usually 98-99%). High purity polyacrylamide and cationic polyacrylamide have strong dehydration ability.

2: Retention agent function: In the paper making, the wet pulp must be filtered out as much as possible, leaving the paper fibers and fillers. This process is similar to the treatment principle of sewage sludge, so the addition of polyacrylamide is conducive to aiding filtration and retention. Experience has shown that for different paper products, according to dry pulp calculations, adding 0.1-3% polyacrylamide can increase paper production by 2-8%, reduce the loss of fillers and staple fibers, and reduce the load of subsequent sewage treatment. However, this effect is too strong, so that the paper fiber distribution is not uniform, will affect the drying strength of the paper. The high purity polyacrylamide can further evenly distribute the fiber, so that the polyacrylamide can act on the short fiber reinforced dry strength display treatment.

3: Sewage treatment: Polyacrylamide adds alum by bridging, which is more effective than chemicals such as single polyaluminum chloride. High purity polyacrylamide not only has this effect, but also improves the hydrophobic performance of alum, making it easy to precipitate or adsorb bubbles, reducing the sludge volume.


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