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High purity polyacrylamide is a water-soluble polymer amide used in water treatment industry

2023-05-17 18:13:53


High purity polyacrylamide is a water-soluble polymer in the water treatment industry amide is a water-soluble polymer polymer in the water treatment industry, can precipitate sludge in sewage.

Therefore, super viscous high purity polyacrylamide is usually used as a variety of detergent, car wash and laundry detergent additives, can also play a certain role in water retention. In the water treatment industry, the ratio is generally between 0.1-0.5%, depending on the water quality. Polypropylene is routinely used as a detergent additive in a ratio of 1-1.5%, three times that of water treatment. Detergent with polypropylene additives feels smooth, and the solution is more beautiful; Decontamination effect is better.

However, due to the great influence of additives on products, excessive input will lead to detergent drawing too strong, ugly appearance; Excessive polyacrylamide in detergent will cause detergent to feel particularly smooth, sticky, not easy to clean, inorganic salt becomes cloudy, affecting the appearance; Excessive polypropylene in detergent will also cause detergent degradation reaction, making it smelly, general spices cannot hide.

To sum up, high purity polyacrylamide plays a good role in the manufacture of detergent industry, its definition lies in the addition of polypropylene additives control is reasonable and accurate.

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