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Dried high purity polyacrylamide is a fragile white solid

2023-02-04 15:58:04

secco pam polyacrylamide

High purity polyacrylamide is a linear polymer, easily soluble in water, generally organic solvents, its aqueous solution is almost transparent viscous liquid, is a non-dangerous product. The density is (23 degrees), the glass transition temperature is 188 degrees, the softening temperature is close to 210 degrees. Generally dry with a small amount of water, dry quickly absorb water from the environment. The homopolymer separated by freeze-drying is a white soft amorphous solid, but after precipitation from solution and drying, it is a glassy partially transparent solid. Fully dried high purity polyacrylamide is a fragile white solid. Commercial high purity polyacrylamide is usually dried under mild conditions. 12 million anionic polyacrylamide models complete (2022 update). Polyacrylamide can be divided into non-ionic type according to its structure. Few people ask about the degree of hydrolysis, which is also an important technical index to judge apam. The degree of hydrolysis of high purity polyacrylamide is degree, which refers to the percentage of the amide group in the polyacrylamide molecule converted to carboxyl group during the hydrolysis process. Polyacrylamide is a non-ionic polyacrylamide hydrolyzed under basic conditions (generally with sodium hydroxide and other alkali oxidation).


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