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Application of polyacrylamide in sugar industry

2023-02-25 14:05:04

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The flocculation of polyacrylamide is necessary for the extraction of sugar solution from sugar industry. We use food grade polyacrylamide in the sugar making process. The application effect of polyacrylamide in sugar industry is very good. Polyacrylamide is an indispensable additive in sugar industry. Sugar is generally made of beet and sweet sugar production and processing, but its production and processing methods are different. Generally, it can be divided into the following steps: first, sugarcane juice is extracted by pressing or diffusing; Then clarify the juice; The juice is then evaporated and condensed into syrup; Crystallize sugar from syrup; After that, the crystallized sugar is separated and dried. The mixed sugar juice obtained from the juicer should be purified by heating, adding hydrated lime and flocculating machine. Hydrated lime is a suspension of calcium hydroxide. Typically, calcium gluconate compounds are formed in sucrose solutions. Adding heat and lime kills harmful bacteria and raises the ph from natural acidity (PH5-6.5) to a neutral level. The control of ph is very important to the whole sugar making process. Because sucrose is converted to glucose and fructose at an acidic ph, these three sugars break down rapidly at a ph above 11.5. After the temperature was increased to 99-104℃, water treatment flocculant was added to neutral sugar juice and pumped into clarifying irrigation. The sugar residue precipitates in irrigation and clarifications overflow from its upper part. At this stage, polyacrylamide is added as an effective decolorizing agent (the product can be used as a decolorizing agent in liquid purification treatments and clarifications). The clarified fruit juice is sent to the evaporation process for further treatment.

The basic principle of polyacrylamide for fruit juice clarification in sugar factory is closely related to the characteristics of PAM for water treatment flocculant, including the following points:

(1) Flocculation. Polyacrylamide can flocculate suspended solids by electric neutralization and bridging adsorption.

(2) adhesion, which can give full play to the adhesion effect through mechanical equipment, physical and chemical effects.

(3) resistance reduction, polyacrylamide can effectively reduce the friction of the fluid, adding a small amount of polyacrylamide in water can reduce the friction 50-80%.

(4) thickening, polyacrylamide in neutral and acidic conditions are thickening, when the ph value is greater than 10, polyacrylamide hydrolysis reaction is easy. The thickening is more pronounced when the structure is semi-reticular. Polyacrylamide can be used in sugar mills for industrial grade or food grade. Therefore, different types of ionic polyacrylamide are used in different processes.

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